26 Jul 2010

9 months of 4th World in Mallorca

Resume: 4th World Program, Mallorca. November 2009 to July 2010

During this period, a group of approximately 30 enthusiastic and energetic volunteers have worked hard to constantly provide food, clothing, medicines, toys and supplies for personal hygiene to unemployed north Africans, subsaharian Africans, south Americans, Spaniards, and east Europeans amongst others. During nearly all the winter food was handed out for over 1500 meals a day. Given the well know generosity of the subsaharian people with  their fellow countrymen the food was probably going to a bigger population than we estimated.
We maintained our collaboration with Zaqueo and Can Gaza. We have been working with them for many years and we plan to continue doing so. Our volunteers carried out a remarkable effort not just helping Can Gaza in becoming self sufficient but in improving the centre so as to better the quality of life of the residents.

In reference to the food handed out, over 26379 kg were distributed. Of these 6.5 tons were rice, and over 6180 litres  was milk.  975 kg were delivered to Zaqueo, 7000kg were distributed in Palma Nova, 18000 kg in Palma and approximately 400 kg were delivered to Can Gaza.
The foods handed out included: oil, rice, garlic, broad beans, meat cubes, chocolate powder, onions, pasta, tinned fruit, flower, milk, salt, pepper, canned tomatoes and bread. At the same time, soaps, detergent, bleach and nappies were distributed.

We also started two school where unemployed people were taught to read and write, Spanish, English and introduction to computering. This was very important as giving them these skill better their job opportunities and also will enable them to act as interpreters and guides when they return to their home land. Those of you who know the third world will know how good it is to find a guide or interpreter who speaks your language.

The Crisis, unfortunately has not disappeared, and this winter we will find ourselves once again with people eating out of the garbage bins, people struggling not to slip in to the world of crime or prostitution so as to subsist and people that because of many reasons can not access the Establishment's help channels.

Thank you to all the team.
Michael Stoma

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