13 Apr 2010

The Physiotherapy dept. for Dangme East

We are glad to report that the container with medical material, to mount the physiotherapy service, and computer equipment - for the hospital Dangme East of ADA - has been delivered to the said hospital.

This container did not cost us anything, since the carriage of Barcelona to England and from England to Ghana has been paid by a British carrier company : Global Specialised Services LLP and the transport from Mallorca to Barcelona by the Antonio Fuster’s carrier.

The Physiotherapy equipment was purchased by the Watkins Jones’ family of the U.K.
This material bought and accumulated for physiotherapy is valued at nearly 30,000 euros and will be used to establish a physiotherapy department in the Dangme East Hospital in ADA, Ghana.
There are many traffic accidents and strokes in ADA, so the physiotherapy service will be very useful. It is particularly important that the running costs are amongst the lowest of all services in a hospital.

The Medical equipment is composed of:
Two electrocardiographs
One defibrillator
Two nebulizers
Material for the  laboratory

The computing material is composed by various computers reviewed and made ready for use.

There are also 4100 pairs of prescription glasses and sun glasses. The latter are the workers in the salt flats, who have serious eye problems due to exposure to the strong glare and sun shine.

We need physiotherapists who can train the newly graduated local physiotherapists who will work in the hospital, and help us to set up the department properly. Ideally we would contact physiotherapists from various parts of the world who could go down in shifts to do the job.
We also need  an ophthalmologist willing to come to the hospital to see how we can set up a rotation collaboration system there. The hospital has an operating theatre so surgery is a possibility. There is no ophthalmologist in the area for the near o 190000 people that live there. The nearest ones are in Accra, the capital, at about 270 km, and they only attend private patients.

If you are interested in collaborating please contact with us as soon as possible.

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