1 Jan 2010

Seasons greetings to you all.

Mediterranea would like to thank all of its members, volunteers, helpers, the companies, schools and all of those organisations who have collaborated with us during the whole of 2009.

Your support and efforts have made it possible for us to achieve the following:

1. Set up 2 schools with 400 pupils in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) providing them with 3 meals a day, uniforms, medical care and a summer school which means that they continue to eat 3 times daily.
2. Provide jobs for 40 people in Ethiopia. For every person in paid employment in Subsaharian Africa 10 other people benefit.
3. Create the women's centre in Addis Ababa. Many groups of women attend this centre giving them the  opportunity to later find work.
4. Organise reading and writing classes for 100 women and some men who use our schools in the evenings.
5. The construction of an open-air dining room, 2 new classrooms and a nursery for one to two year olds in one of the schools in Ethiopia.
6. Break the tabu against all of those children and adults ( parents and workers) suffering from HIV in our schools and within other areas that we control in Addis.
7. Develop a sponsorship program for children in the Abugida school in Addis which supports single mothers, widows or pupils under the guardianship of grandparents, other family members or foster-parents.
8.The delivery of 8 wheelchairs and a computer to a centre run by the Order of the MOthers of Calcutta in Addis (1.200 people).
9.Bring 2 children from Ethiopia to receive treatment in Son Dureta hospital. We take this opportunity to thank the management of this hospital and all of the staff concerned.
10.The construction of a sleeping area for mothers with several children to stay near the Dangme East hospital in Ghana when one of their offspring is undergoing treatment.
11.The delivery of a container with sufficient material to set up a complete physiotherapy service in the Dangme East hospital in Ghana. The delivery included computering supplies, medical apparatus, (ECG, nebulisers, >4000 pairs of glasses etc).
12.The installation of running water in the Drifting Angels orphanage in Ghana.
13.The delivery of sanitary materials, clothes and toys to the Drifting Angels orphanage in Ghana.
14.The sending of computer materials and glasses to a school in Kenia on behalf of another NGO.
15. The delivery of medical supplies to a hospital in Sierra Leone.
16.Collaborating with Ca'n Gaza. ( a refuge for homeless people in Mallorca)
17. Collaboration with Zaqueo. ( a soup kitchen for the homeless in Mallorca)
18.The weekly program organised to provide basic food supplies to 300 immigrants without resources.
19.The setting up of language classes for immigrants.
20.Blogs in English, Spanish, Catalan, Galician and German.

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