19 Oct 2009

Sta.Ponsa, Saturday 17/10/09

Good Morning All!

17-10-09_115102.jpgJust wanted to thank you for all your efforts on Saturday!  I think we were a great team, don’t you?  Alan was the hero of the day struggling early in the morning with thousands of nuts and bolts to put up what must have been one of the most complicated canopies in Mallorca!  However, Michael has promised to work on it, and get it together in time for the Xmas Fair!  Nevertheless, due to lack of prior publicity, I think we were all  a bit disappointed with the public attendance.  As suspected, the cheese-cloths didn’t go too well…  I think we all had this feeling about them and thankfully  decided to put some bric-a-brac and toys together. We managed to sell some very dubious examples which we thought no one would ever buy!!  We all gave our best and raised the (modest) sum of  300,28 € (which was probably more than any other stands took in); however, I must say that around 147 € of the total came out of the only full donation box… which shows how important it is to “plunge into the crowds a-begging”.   So, I guess we ought to have a least 3 people devoted to the tins for the Xmas fair.   The other 3 tins were so empty that we might as well leave them for the Xmas Fair. 
Finally; I attach the photos taken from my Motorola mobile – they’re not fab, but a wee memory of the day, and look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting for the Xmas Fair!

Best wishes,




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