12 Sep 2009

Marta & Mykias got away safely on Thursday

Dear All,

Just a short message to say (as many of you probably already know) that Marta & Mykias got away safely on Thursday as planned.  After a very emotional few days filled with good-byes and many hugs and tears it was wonderful to see them off onto the next leg of their journey with big smiles and some happiness and relief to be finally going home in among the tears. 

Thank you so much to everyone, and congratulations to you all on what was achieved here over these past two months - it could not have been such a success without all of you.  Thankfully, a little girl has gone home to have a normal life, and a whole bunch of Ethiopian families will have friends for life in Mallorca and perhaps had their perception of the west (and westerners) changed a little, and possibly a lot (hopefully for the better!).

As I have said before, heartfelt thanks also due to all of our families who backed us up and supported us, helped us, and understood when we were not around to handle the day-to-day family tasks and dramas. Thank you - we could not have done it without your understanding. 

Hope to see you all sometime or other,

Very best regards
Linda Spratt

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