23 Jul 2009


What a joy and what a relief it is to finally witness how well our school in Yeka is functioning.

We can now put behind us the problems and the people's "revolution" leading to the dismissal of the former Edir in this town. Our beloved Birhan school in Yeka is now on the correct path to success. The new Edir is doing a conscientious job. The parents themselves are involved in the daily running of the school. This is very important because the former Edir refused to cooperate with them.

One of the most evident examples of the direct involvement of the parents can be seen through the participation of two of the members of the families' committee in the purchase of weekly supplies necessary for the centre. We sincerely hope to reach the same spirit of commitment achieved in Albugida; happy children; content, dedicated teachers; satisfied, enthusiastic parents and ultimately an honest and resolute Edir. These elements are the key to the successful functioning of any centre.

All of the aforementioned are fighting to obtain the certificate required stating that both the school and the surrounding land is in the name of the Edir. Once this has been processed, we can commence with the construction of the new buildings for the school. The "low cost", buildings made of tin are a temporary measure while waiting for the official documentation.

The mothers and fathers of the children have offered to provide the labour.

This academic year we will continue with the nursery school and introduce a class of slightly older children who have never had the opportunity to benefit from an education.

In the future we aspire to extending the Primary school.

Half of the mothers are illiterate. They are keen to learn to read and write. There are also mothers who would love to learn a skill or trade.
We have suggested that they talk amongst themselves and that they discuss these issues with their Edir. We are open to any proposals such as sewing workshops etc.. They, themselves, know better than anyone their own needs, which type of courses would suit them most and would be of the greatest benefit to their community. The decision is theirs. They will be able to use the school installations after normal lessons.

And now a piece of great news. Before the existence of the Birhan school in Yerka the vast majority of the children resorted to begging on the streets to survive. We can now confirm that none of the children who attend this school need to beg for a living.

In the photo we can see a meeting of staff, mothers and fathers with the Edir (I can assure you that they were not sleeping but listening respectfully and attentively)
With just 20 euros a month we can feed 3 times a day, educate, dress and take care of the health of one child in either of our Ethiopian schools. In September we will have near to 450 children in these schools. Join us and to give these little ones a chance in life, just click on one of the following links: ONG/NGO.odf ONG/NGO.doc ONG/NGO.pdf and become a part of the solution.

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