13 May 2009

Women's Home, Addis Ababa

We are very pleased to be publish this news. We have been working on this project for a few months now. It has not been easy, but at last here it starts:-->

María Munir, president of TTTM, the Ethiopian NGO with whom we are working to run a Women's Home in Addis Ababa , has sent us these photos of the first group of women training to be professional children's care takers.

This training provides a good professional future for these women.

A second group of women have started to learn how to read and write.

Once they have completed their courses the students will be issued with a diploma which has legal validity.

Mediterranea is paying for the rent of the building, the transport of the women, their food, the supplies, and the teachers.

TTM supervises the organization and running of the project. Without their help it would be very difficult to implement this project.

We plan to keep on developing this project as we have a strong commitment to women who have been victims of gender related violence and discrimination.

Thank you for your help.

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