6 Mar 2009

Young Fundraisers: One child’s gift

A few days ago I was telephoned by a mother whose child is a patient at our surgery. She said that her son wanted to come to see me, but not for health reasons. I told them to come at six, which they did. The child, called Anton, presented me with a letter. It read: "Hello Dr.Stoma. This money is for boys and girls you help. I hope they can go to school one day and are able to eat. Instead of giving me gifts for my birthday, I told my friends to give me money so you can build schools for them," signed Antón.

Antón celebrated his seventh birthday a few days ago and asked his friends for money instead of presents, so he could help children less fortunate than himself. Anton was very confident in what he had done, and as he walked out of the room he it left me with a lump in my throat.

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