25 Mar 2009

Philosophy behind the Mediterranea Projects

To work effectively on our projects from a distance is far from easy. Therefore we are committed to travel to countries where our projects are based to ensure our work is properly implemented. Without getting to these locations, it would be impossible to effectively supervise the work carried out, or to overcome local bureaucracy.

So as to be able to make the most of the support we receive from our members and donors we work to and stand by a series of values and conditions, which we (and our partners in countries where our projects are based) adhere to. These are:

- We do not tolerate lies.
- We do not tolerate discrimination or favouritism.
- We do not tolerate theft.
- We do not tolerate Mafia behaviour of any kind, whether by attitude or action.
- We will not tolerate emotional blackmail especially using children from our projects as a form of blackmail.
- We do not tolerate the use of Mediterranea or its reputation for personal benefit.

We do, however demand ever-greater clarity and transparency in everything we do, whether logistical or economical.

If a project cannot operate in this way, we prefer to close it down.

We are not an organization which tolerates "any manner of behavior" in order to make a project a success. The end does not justify the means. The wrong kind of means can open the door to first world imposed dependence, corruption, and a ruthless industry based around the commercialization of poverty.

Transparency, progress analysis, demanding standards and constant observation of all aspects of our projects make Mediterranea a very cost effective organization. With few funds we can do a lot and we strive to continue this way.

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