27 Feb 2009

Barry's school

No too long ago, Barry "The Builder" as a lot of his friends call him, came in to the office and stated that he had some free time on his hands and did we have anything we wanted helping with. My answer was "How about going to Ghana to build a school?". And that was that. Barry got in to over drive and he is right now in Ghana building a school in Drifting Angels, Ho(where we delivered a tractor, bought a plough, and have delivered lots of supplies over the last two years).
He should be back this week end so after the debriefing I will do another posting to keep you informed of how it all went. From an organization point of view it is wonderful to find people like this, we hope he will be an example for others showing them that nothing is impossible and that it can be done. What is certain is that neither Barry nor the children he is helping will ever forget this trip in all their lives.

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