26 Nov 2008


Last Saturday we were loading the container bound for Cuba. It really is a big container the size of a trailer truck and we completely filled it. In six hours we were able to transfer over 630 boxes from the storeroom to the container which was situated on the forecourt of a storage area belonging to one of our collaborators. It was really beautiful to see the group of volunteers mostly British but not forgetting people from Holland, Germany, Spain amongst others, working so hard for six long hours without a rest. The volunteers were of all ages from 4 to nearly 80. These good people offered their saturday afternoon to help Cuba which was marvellous considering that most of them have never been to the country and do not have the emotional ties that we Spaniards have with the Pearl of the Antillas.

The boxes containing medicines worth approximately €15.000 which were purchased from Farmamundi (a pharmaceutical NGO from Valencia), disposable medical material (catheters, syringes, needles, tubes, catheters ...) 100 computers (20 of which we had built for us and the rest were donations we refurbished and installed Linux on), rehabilitation and orthopaedic material for the disabled children and elderly people, a dentist's chair plus orthodontist material, crutches, miscellaneous materials for a maternity unit, new and nearly new clothing in very good condition, medical literature, wiring and other materials useful for repairs, hundredes of spectacles, toys etc, etc. We still have supplies left over that can go on the next container.

All the material submitted is checked and scrupulously following the principle that "what is not good enough for us is not good enough for others ." .

A big Thank you to everybody in saturdays team and all to all our donors, Victoria . (See the video on Youtube: CLICK HERE )

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  1. It was a fantastic day...I am glad i could be there and help.