27 Oct 2008

Ethiopia projects by numbers

135 are the children we have in our school in Yeka and we employ 13 people there. 2000 euros a month approximately is what it costs us.
165 is the number of children we have in the Abugida school in Akaki where we employ 18 staff. This costs us about 2200 euros.
It is estimated that one person employed in Africa supports on average 10 other people. Therefore Mediterranea through the jobs created indirectly helps support up to 310 people.
More than 900 meals are served every day to children in our schools in Ethiopia.
Counting students, staff and those that indirectly depend on these programs, about 610 people live thanks to these projects.
1000 euros is the monthly budget we have for medical supplies for the health centres in Yeka , Akaki and Kaliti.
240 euros will be what renting premises in Addis Ababa for our future HQ in Ethiopia will cost us.
20 euros a month is approximately what it costs us to feed three times a day, educate and dress a child in our schools.

And we are only 130 members in the organisation...... Imagine what we could do if we were 300!

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