6 Aug 2008

Ghana Expedition

Tuesday very early we, Jayne and myself (Michael) will set of via Barcelona and then Amsterdam to finnaly arrive in Accra by near to 7pm local time. Civilised KLM kindly allowes travelers to carry a reasonable ammount of luggage (just over 100kg between the two of us) so we will be taking supplies for the Dangme East hospital according to the list we recieved from the hospital. We plan to do the ground work for the physiotherapist unit and to then go and visit the Drifting Angels orphanage in Ho. As many of you know we have provided this orphanage with a tractor, medicines, clothes and we will be evaluating the possibility of installing a system for the orphanage to get water out from under the ground not only to water their land but to sell it to near by farms too. If we can help them make an income then they will have less problems paying for the education, clothing, nutrition and medical attention of the near to 100 children they have there.

On the agenda is the possibility of building a dormitory for mothers with hospitalised children. At present they sleep in the road side or where ever they can. We would like them to have a couple of dormitories, bathrooms and a kitchen. A the same time we would like to build a room for visiting Mediterranea and other NGO volunteers. This way they can stay close to the hospital specially if they are working there as collaborating staff.

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