29 Jul 2008

Ghana Physiotherapy Center and School

In August Jayne Coombs a physiotherapist from Therapy First here on the island (Mallorca) will be going to East Dagme hospital in Ghana. She will be accompanied by Dr.Michael Stoma.
Jayne will be opening a much needed physiotherapy clinic at the hospital with 25,000 euros of donated equipment from a very special family who lived for a time here in Mallorca. The hospital which currently has no physiotherapy facilites is a sixty bed hospital with only two doctors two pharmacists and twenty six nurses. 24,000 patients a year are seen at the hospital. In December Jayne hopes to open the clinic and begin to treat patients who have survived a stroke, developed paresis or plegia and have a variety of neurological and orthopaedic conditions. In addtion she will begin to train local personnel at the hosptial to carry on treatement when she comes back to Mallorca but will be returning to treat and support the clinic on an ongoing basis.
The ability to carry out this project which includes transport of the equipment provision of professional personnel and the provision of supplies is totally through private funding.
If you would like to donate any supplies such as bandages or orthopadic supports please contact Jayne Coombs at 667732992 or to make a donation to the Physiotherapy Clinic Project, East Dagme Hospital through www.mediterranea.org.es

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